Monday, September 26, 2011

Crafts from my past

I've been loosing some of the pictures of things I have made so I  to put them here on this blog since this is my craft surfing blog to keep track of my stuff. You can look if you want but it mostly for me to refer back too.

Sorry I know that I said I would make a tutorial in Aug. but I had some unexpected surgery and can't do anything major until Oct.  I would much rather be crafting than healing, but sometimes I just don't get my way.

This is a matching game, with family members pictures mod podge on them.

This I made for my Grand Daughter, each picture is mod podged on individual peaces of wood for a 3D affect.

What's for dinner? what every mother hates to hear. the stick represent the meals we like, family members pick the meals and puts them in the day they want to eat them. I do my shopping for this. (more info in comment section if you want to know more)

Home another 3D piece. the lettering is done in vinyl to give a tile look. I also made a freestanding frame around it, it can be hung or set on  a shelf.

"Home sweet Home" wood blocks, mod podge scrapbook paper with the edges of the paper burnt  with black vinyl lettering.

both of these for my freestanding frames with a quote on them in vinyl.

The family proclamation to the world. I enlarged the proclamation and then double stick taped family pictures around the edges, and made a frame for it.

Candles stick holders, I bought  some wood pieces at a hardware store and added some other pieces to it.

Wood Puzzle, this one is very hard to get right. It's a very challenging puzzle with more than one way to put it together. But very fun.

Recipe card holder. You magnet your recipes on the metal.

USA! I had some vinyl with the three different colors on it I wanted to try and thought this would be great for a USA project. these are just big blocks.

Wood stacker,  wish the letters stood out longer, but love the saying "The most important thing a dad can do for his children is to love their mother."

6 puzzles in one. 

Large table top tic tac toe game.
Sorry I will be back to update more pictures, but I've ran out of time.
See ya soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've joined Pinterest

Okay someone told me about pinterest so I joined and have been pinning all the fun ideas I have surfing on the web there. It's so easy to keep things you like in one place, So I've been posting the things I find there because you can click on your pictures and it will take you right to the place that you found it and get the instructions on how it was made.

So these are some of the things I have liked.

If you want an invite to pinterest send me an email.